White Trees Pink


Hello peeps! I hope you had a fab Xmas and I wish you only the best for this coming year! Im afraid the dreaded slipped disc hit me again three weeks ago, so Im limping around and laying around (mostly) – and becoming quite the morphine addict!  Anyhow, back to craft! I really like this little card that I made yesterday! (I have to make cards that dont require a lot of sitting as thats difficult with this disc problem, but I yearn to craft so still do bits where I can!)   I started off masking the trees in pink and then thought, lets add a tad of dimension and so I added the die cut trees on foam pads that I treated myself to recently (Ive been treating myself quite a bit lately, I really must stop spending lol) Hope you like it too! This happened last year too; after making Xmas cards I found I had really got into the swing of it so I thought whilst the tempo was alive and kicking, I would continue making next years cards now!

whote treez 001

About Denise Fletcher

I have been creating cards for about ten years now, and still get a kick out of it. Ive learnt a lot of techniques along the way that are fun to try! I am a former member of docrafts.com Design Team (2014) which I did for a year and loved it. At the moment I'm just creating for my own pleasure! I create the odd mixed media piece but at the moment it's mainly Cards. I hope you enjoy my work.

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  1. Oh my goodess! The card is sure pretty, but I hate to hear about your back. That’s a bummer! Especially now at the Holidays. Hope you get to feeling better with the start of a New Year!

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