Hot Air Balloon


Is anyone else buying their metal dies from China at a fraction of the usual UK price? Fabulous bargains to be had!  This lovely balloon die is one of them.  I used gold and blue for this card. With a puff of clouds too! Embossed cloud and heart background for card and balloon. The tissue paper are supposed to be hills, in case youre wondering, lol

About Denise Fletcher

I have been creating cards for about ten years now, and still get a kick out of it. Ive learnt a lot of techniques along the way that are fun to try! I am a former member of Design Team (2014) which I did for a year and loved it. At the moment I'm just creating for my own pleasure! I create the odd mixed media piece but at the moment it's mainly Cards. I hope you enjoy my work.

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  1. Beautiful card, Denise! And yes, I’ve purchased quite a few on Amazon and eBay, under various and sundry names, but they work great! Cut even better than some very expensive ones I have.

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