Bee Card


I made this for a friends birthday. Hope you liked it, Trish!

Its made up of embossed vellum backed into green card. A flower die cut lays behind a circle with the honeyed jam jar and hungry bees is the main image.

Sequins glitter nicely against the vellum


Pastures New!


A fellow dancer at our Modern Jive class is leaving as he’s moving to a town about an hour away. I will miss him as he’s a good dance partner! I made him a card entitled Pastures New. The background is embossed clouds. Two stamps for land and sky, and I coloured them with my water colour pens.



This seems to be one of the latest methods of card making! Retiform: a series of lined off, separated images. Its fun to do. Just use ‘post it notes’ to mask off sections of your card, then ink and stamp! You can see videos on You Tube to show you the method. Here I have made up a Steampunk themed card. Hope you like it. I used my lovely Ink Brushes to dust the ink onto the card, as it gives a lighter touch than daubers, I find.

Sans Modern