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Photo Transfer Technique



I wanted to show you something I made using the photo transfer technique.  Basically you get a good black and white image (you can use colour too but use good clear, strong images) and print it off on your printer.  Allow it to dry.  Then using a PVA glue, once dry, take a piece of white card stock, paint the glue on, quite generously! Place your picture, image side down, onto the glue and then I use a roller brayer to roll over and flatten creases out of the paper.  You can use anything smooth like a bottle, or rolling pin if you dont have a brayer.  Then let it dry completely.  Once its dry, you then either splash or sponge a bit of water onto the image, (not too much!) bit by bit and rub off with your finger.  Be careful not to rub too hard, or it will rub the whole image off, but its a great result for a different look.  I then usually use my trusty Mod Podge to seal the image and give it a matt or gloss coating.  A great look that you can use on cards, or anything, really! Try it!