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My Altered Tin Jug!    Image Hi! Denise Fletcher here…I found these two flat backed tin vases and thought it would be fun to alter them! So off I went, back to my little craft room…   Image I liked that pattern on the front but ended up covering it all up! I first used White Gesso all over the outside of my vase. (Gesso is a fantastic primer for readying any surface) Then when that was dry, I used two Modelling Pastes all over the vase, one was a normal paste and the other one has glass beads incorporated into it. I added the glass beaded one on patches over the regular paste. I mixed metallic gold acrylic paint into the beaded paste for effect. I left this to dry overnight. This picture shows you how it looks once dry. Texturised!    Image Once dry, I started incorporating different acrylic paints onto the vase. I used Black and Gold paints and blended it in with squished up bubble wrap and worked it into the edges of the other colours as I went so it all joined together! If you look at this picture you can see the wonderful folds and lines and creases that the modelling paste gives you once it is dry. You can make patterns into it once its been put onto your item, with all sorts of things such as combs, fingers, buttons, anything you can think of! Then I went crazy with my Treasure Gold metallic waxes! I swear these are the best ever creations! They just change a project into something special! I bought mine from Calico Crafts.  See how the modelling paste shines through almost in blue?! You never know what you will end up with, colour and patterns/texture wise but the beauty of this kind of project is that you can always re paint and start again.   Image Here is it after the ‘Treasure Gold Effect!!’ I’m loving this kind of rusty, aged look!  Image Now to decorate! I had some fabric flowers in my stash that have been there forever! I knew I’d use them one day! I also bought some from a car boot sale. I used (guess what?!?!) yes, Treasure Gold on the flowers and built up a nice colour. Just messing and playing, messing and playing until it looks good and inspires me onto the next thing…and then I used my trusty Glue Gun (on high heat to stick my moulds to the tin. In fact I always use it on high heat as I find it works with everything! The glue soon cools down, so the hotter the better! Be careful when handling your embellishments’ when you are sticking the glue on as when you get it on your fingers as it blisters I have some silicone moulds that I squeeze my hot glue into (they dry in no time and then I paint them with acrylic paints and then use the Trusty Treasure Gold!!! AGAIN!! I hot glue them to the surface as well as my flowers and hey presto! Boring old tin vase now my unique shabby chic/grunge type vase! ! Tip: If you have a flower in the colour you don’t like, you can paint Gesso onto them and once dry, re paint or use Treasure Gold!! Here are some pictures of the final result. I am also showing you the other vase I made with the same techniques. ImageImage On this second Vase, I used a Mask and painted the modelling paste over it, let it dry and then painted it and used TG too

Altered Vases by Denise Fletcher